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About coaching

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What is ILP Psychology?

Whether privately, as a manager or as a team – there is a solution for every problem.

Integrated Solution-Oriented Psychology (ILP) is based on solution- and resource-oriented interventions, systemic methods and deep psychological reorientation. Recognizing and promoting social skills is based on psychography (according to Dr. Dietmar Friedmann) and is one of the basic tasks in personality development. A harmonious and fulfilling life is only possible when the soul, spirit and body are in harmony with each other, which is the main goal of ILP therapy.

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Finding yourself, recognize your skills and improve your quality of life.


Everything begins with you. Learn to perceive crises as opportunities.
In individual coaching, the topics are just as diverse as the people themselves.
Each of us is different and each of us has to deal with our own problems, difficulties and conflicts. The 1-to-1 therapy is individual and type-specific. The effective methods of integrated solution-oriented therapy and the activation of your own resources help you to successfully achieve your set goal.


The basis of a happy and successful society are self-confident and happy children.
Sometimes children and adolescents do not have sufficient skills and resources to cope with such problems as school stress, bullying, lovesickness, blockades or stressful situations in the family and the questions of self-determination.
If the child often bursts into tears, has a stomach ache, headaches and concentration problems, seems blocked, defiant or aggressive, an appointment for psychological counseling would be the right thing to do.
Puberty is another exciting, but at the same time very challenging phase in the life of young people and their families. The rebellious and aggressive phases represent a challenge for both the adolescents and their parents. For the adolescents, it is a transformation phase in their lives and it is not easy for the parents to continue to understand and accept them as they present themselves, and to accompany them through this phase. The solution-oriented therapy helps the families to get through this transitional phase more easily and to provide the adolescents with optimal support.


Success begins with the mind.
For top athletes, sport is their whole life. Regardless of the sport, a competitive athlete is focused on success. This often depends on one’s own assessment but is also based on external reference points. Athletes are often at their physical and mental limits. The central goal of coaching top athletes is not only to develop the skills that will help them advance in competitive sports, but also to promote skills that are often neglected, which include inner self-awareness, finding their own rhythm and activating their own resources. Mental strength with one’s own convictions and attitudes should serve to hold on to challenging goals even in difficult times.


Accept and overcome changes.
Couples and families are structures that are subject to constant change. Many people often find it difficult to find a balance between family, job and their own interests. It is not uncommon for mutual respect, love and trust to be lost. Suddenly everything is not what it was before. Couples often find themselves at a point where they fundamentally question their partnership.
Lovesickness is also an issue that each of us has faced before. Sometimes lovesickness can drag on for years. The longing for someone or the loss of a loved one can not only lead to despair and abnormal behavior, but also to serious physical and mental illnesses and, in the worst case, suicidal thoughts.
This therapy opens up the chance to find a way back to happiness in love and to a harmonious life. An important prerequisite for the success of therapy is the willingness to tackle changes.


Grow as a team, together.
Team and business coaching is a very broad field. The work is done with a team with the overarching goal of increasing performance by recognizing personality types and promoting competencies of the individual team members.
The topics and goals include, among other things:
– personality analysis and team development using psychography,
– Support of team building processes in new projects,
– individual positioning in the company,
– Recognition and promotion of staff strengths,
– Advice on internal communication processes,
– time management within the team,
– Workflow structuring,
– Conflict management.


Individual coaching

90 min.
  • Consultation and therapy

Couples coaching

90 min.
  • Consultation and therapy

Child and youth coaching

90 min.
  • Consultation and therapy

Immediate assistance

90 min.
  • Immediate assistance and weekend appointments available
Business coaching
  • Coaching fees by arrangement
Coaching for athletes
  • Coaching fees by arrangement